10 Amazon finds that can help you build a garden no matter how small your space

Gardening isn’t just for homeowners with acres of land. Whether you live in an apartment or have just a small plot of land to work with, there are options for every gardener. From growing herbs in your window to hanging planters that fit perfectly on your deck, we’ve crafted a list of products that can help you grow fresh veggies and herbs in your home or your backyard!

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WORKPRO Portable Small Greenhouses $72.99 was $79.99

Create a tiny greenhouse with this sturdy DIY kit.  (Amazon )

If you can only fit a small greenhouse in your backyard, this WorkPro greenhouse is a great size. It has plenty of heavy-duty metal shelving, plus a strong plastic covering to keep your plants safe. Additionally, there are straps in the corners, so you can easily secure the greenhouse to the ground. You can buy other portable greenhouses on Home Depot’s site.

Best Choice Products Raised Garden Bed $79.99 was $99.99

Start your own raised bed with this simple standing bed.  (Amazon )

Building a raised garden bed can be complicated and time-consuming, so instead, opt for this garden bed on legs. It’s made from natural cedar wood and there’s no assembly required, making it easy to fill and plant in. Home Depot offers similar garden beds in a variety of colors.

Hydroponics Growing System Indoor Garden $69.99

Grow your plants inside with this hydroponic grow system.  (Amazon)

If you have no outdoor space to call your own, an indoor, hydroponics growing system can help you grow a few vegetables or plants with ease. This planter includes a grow light that acts like sunlight, helping you grow plants quickly, no matter how much light your apartment or home gets. For high-tech indoor growing systems, Gardyn has everything you could possibly need.

EMSCO Group Bloomers Railing Planter $16.14 was $27.99

Turn your deck into your personal grow space.  (Amazon )

Do you have a small deck? Take advantage of the railing by attaching these railing planters to create your own small vegetable garden or herb garden space. You can buy it on Amazon or at Home Depot.

JERIA 12-Pack Vegetable/Flower/Plant Grow Bags $21.99

Grow potatoes, carrots, garlic and more in these grow bags.  (Amazon )

Fabric planting bags can act as flower pots but are easier to move around your home or small outdoor space. This affordable 12-pack is made from breathable fabric and the bags are reusable. They even come with viewing windows, so you can see how your plants’ root systems are doing. You can find other plant grow bags through Home Depot.

Back to the Roots Organic Mini Mushroom Grow Kit $12.99 was $15.99

Grow your favorite mushrooms anywhere in your home.  (Amazon )

If you’re a mushroom lover, you can grow mushrooms right on your kitchen counter with this mini mushroom grow kit. Just cut a hole in the box and spray it with water every so often and in a couple of weeks, you’ll have a little patch of mushrooms you can harvest. You can find other mushroom grow kits at Walmart.

Wood Plant Stand with Grow Lights $54.99

This plant stand fits well in any room with an outlet.  (Amazon )

For your houseplants or any plants you plan to move outdoors, this wooden plant stand has built-in grow lights and fits easily in any room in your home. You can fit up to 16 pots on the stand, to have your own indoor greenhouse. Walmart has plant stands of all dimensions for any size space you’re looking to fill.

ANGTUO 6 Pockets Hanging Planters for Outdoor Plants $14.99

These indoor/outdoor hanging pots help you plant anything you want, anywhere you want.  (Amazon )

This hanging planter with six different pockets takes up very little space and can be easily attached to any wall inside or outside for easy planting. Walmart also has hanging planters made from wood that are also durable.

Quictent Extra-Thick Galvanized Steel Raised Garden Bed $62.99 was $74.99

This greenhouse and raised bed combo makes gardening easy.  (Amazon)

If you want one big garden bed, this galvanized steel raised garden bed offers plenty of planting space and comes with a cover to act as a mini greenhouse. The cover can easily be unzipped, so you can access your plants without having to fully remove it every time. You can buy it on Amazon or Walmart.

9 Herb Indoor Window Garden Kit $22.49 was $24.99

Grow your favorite herbs with this DIY kit.  (Amazon )

Every apartment or home has at least one window, and that’s all you need to grow some herbs that you can use in your everyday recipes. This nine-herb window garden kit provides you with everything you need to grow nine different herbs right on your windowsill. For other herb window kits, visit Home Depot. 

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