10 Home Design Gadgets To Buy If You Love Digital Decor

In the era of the Internet of Things, buyers can equip their houses with several home design gadgets. Not only do these gadgets add functionality, but some also carry a sense of visual appeal that elevates the overall look of the place. An example is Nanoleaf’s Light Panels that work very well as a wall lighting setup.

Some gadgets can even connect to others and help users control their entire smart home setup, like the Echo Show 15. Whether it is a retro-themed Bluetooth speaker, a plush long mirror with LED lights, or a side table that doubles as a Bluetooth speaker, there’s something for everyone in this list of home design gadgets.

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10 Dosmix Retro Bluetooth Speaker

Dosmix Retro Bluetooth Speaker

For those who want a retro theme in their living room or bedroom, the $16.99 Dosmix Bluetooth speaker (audio/calls) is an excellent decor piece. It comes in five colors and looks like a vintage speaker thanks to a large horizontal grill and knob to adjust radio frequency. Underneath the appealing exterior is a 3W driver and a battery that lasts four to six hours (charges via micro USB). Although the speaker supports Bluetooth 5.0, buyers also get an AUX cable for wired connectivity.

9 Poeroa Digital Alarm Clock

Digital Mirrored Alarm Clock

Next up on the list is a digital alarm clock that doubles as a decor accessory thanks to its unique design. The $24.95 Poeroa Digital Alarm Clock features a seven-inch monochrome LED display that showcases the time on top of a highly reflective acrylic surface that acts as a mirror. The LED display has three brightness levels, and it can switch between them based on the ambient light in the room. Buyers also get a snooze button at the top of the clock and two USB ports for charging phones on the side. With the detachable base and the hanging mount, it can be placed on a desk, bedside table, or a mounted on a wall.

8 Antizer Flameless LED Candles

Antizer Flameless candles With Remote

Never worry about replacing candles in the living room again, thanks to the Antizer Flameless LED Candles that can run for month before their AA batteries need to be replaced. For $25.99, users get a set of nine electric candles that light up like ordinary candles, except that they don’t melt or pose a fire hazard. The candles have a remote control that lets users set a timer for two, four, six, or even eight hours, eliminating the need to turn them off manually.

7 Divoom Pixel Art Bluetooth Speaker

Divoom Pixel Art Bluetooth Speaker on a tabletop

Next up on the list is a $68 Bluetooth speaker with a cool pixel art display. The Divoom TimeBox Evo has a 16 x 16 inch RGB LED display that showcases bright and colorful customizable animations. Besides connecting it to their phone and listening to songs or podcasts, buyers can use the gadget as an alarm clock or as a fun background element in their home. Although the battery life seems to trouble some users, the looks and sound quality make it a quirky home decor gadget worth checking out.

6 Philips Hue Play Wi-Fi Smart Lights

Philips Hue Play White & Color Smart Light

Looking to purchase an ambient lighting setup around the TV? The $90 Philips Hue Play Smart Light (pack of two) can produce up to 16M colors and 50,000 shades, customizable through the smartphone app. Further, the set has a power supply unit supporting up to three Philips Hue Play bars. One can place them in vertical or horizontal positions using the stands provided in the box. Buyers can use Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant to control the lights with their voice.

5 Nixplay Smart Digital Frame

Nixplay smart photo frame

Those who love having photos around the home should consider the Nixplay Digital Picture Frame. The smart home decor gadget has a sensor that activates the display when someone enters the room and puts it to sleep when there’s no movement or sound. For $159.99, the device comes with a 10.1-inch HD IPS touch-screen that showcases images and videos added through the Nixplay app. Interestingly, the niX-Smart Face Framing technology crops the photos to put faces in the center. The company also claims to store the pictures on its encrypted servers, ensuring privacy.

4 LVSOMT Full-Length Mirror With LED Lights

LVSOMT Full Length Mirror With LED Lights

The $179.99 LVSOMT Full Length Mirror with LED Lights is yet another home design gadget for those who love digital decor. It might look like a regular mirror with a rather thick border, but plugging it in reveals the main selling point. The 63 x 20 inch mirror has 120 LED strips at its edge, which can light up in different brightness modes and color temperatures. The company says that LED strips installed on the mirror can last up to 50,000 hours, while the frame is made of aluminum alloy. Buyers can place it in their bedroom as a full-length dressing mirror, or use it as a decor piece in the entryway.

3 Nanoleaf Smart RGB Light Panels

Nanoleaf Shapes Wi-Fi Wall Lights

Users might have seen the Nanoleaf Shapes Wi-Fi Wall Lights in YouTube videos, but they can do more than provide an interesting background. They are not the brightest RGB LED lights to mount on the wall, but they are highly customizable. Given the triangular shape of the LED lights, users can create endless patterns by connecting multiple Nanoleaf panels.

Further, users can sync these lights with their gaming or music setup for dynamic ambient lighting, which takes the experience to the next level. Users can customize the lighting using the Nanoleaf app on their Android and iOS devices. For $199, buyers get nine black triangle light panels, nine mounting plates, and linkers.

2 Amazon Echo Show 15

Echo Show 15

The Echo Show 15 belongs to Amazon’s Echo family of smart home devices that helps users get their daily dose of information and entertainment in one place. It combines the capabilities of an Echo speaker with a Fire TV, resulting in a voice-controlled 15.6-inch FHD display that can access the internet and relay content, including web shows and movies, on demand.

Further, users can organize their day using the widgets on the screen, including a calendar, a to-do list, recently accessed apps, and more. Those with several other smart home devices can link and control them with Echo Show 15. Like other Echo devices, the $225 Echo Show has a mechanical mute button that cuts off the microphone. In the box, buyers get the Alexa Voice Remote (3rd-Gen) and a wall mount.

1 KOBLE Side Table With Bluetooth Speaker

Koble Zain Speaker and Side Table

Those who prefer multifunctional devices will love the KOBLE Zain Speaker and Side Table. As the name suggests, it is a side table with a full-fledged Bluetooth speaker and a subwoofer. With upholstered sides and solid wood legs, the table looks gorgeous in its dual-tone finish. As a Bluetooth speaker, the device generates enough sound to fill a living room, thanks to its 90W 360-degree speakers and 40W subwoofer.

Additionally, there’s a 5W wireless charging pad on the tabletop, a USB charging port, and an AUX port on the side. Users can even customize its height with the interchangeable legs included in the box. Overall, the $349 KOBLE Zain Speaker and Side Table is not only a great side table, but also an excellent Bluetooth speaker.