Over the past few years, consumers have sought softness in fashion and furnishings, perhaps as an antidote to the hardened edges of today’s social and political landscapes. While organic curves have long been beloved by those with contemporary tastes and the rhythm of a scalloped border associated with Palm Beach prep, the two motifs have struck a crescendo in the newly popular wave motif. In more formal terms, these silhouettes pull from the energy of the Memphis movement and the romantic glamour of Art Deco design.

These furnishings, rendered in wood, metal, and stone, meld sophisticated silhouettes with whimsical details, underscoring each design with attention to materiality and craftsmanship: Classic approach meets contemporary vision. Chris Miano’s Squiggle mirror—an updated and more refined version of Ettore Sottsass’s Ultrafragola mirror—is a puckish piece with graceful lines that keep it well on this side of the absurd. Maxime Boutillier’s sumptuous Badinage sofas play a similar game, their uniform undulations nudging an otherwise formal elegance toward levity with smile-inducing shapes. To brighten things up, Venicem’s Bissa suspension light flies smoothly through the mid-space, balancing tech-savvy sleekness with exquisite artistry.