5 decorating ideas for an interior with oriental influences

Would you like to bring the magic of the Orient into your home? Between patterned carpets, raffia objects and terracotta vases, the decoration inspired by the Eastern Mediterranean has something to seduce. Sunny and cheerful, this trend brightens up your cocoon and gives your everyday life a vacation feel. Here are 5 stylish ideas to spice up your decor!

1 – The colored Berber carpets

Handmade by the Berbers (populations of northern Africa), these woolen carpets combine several weaving techniques and appeal to their geometric figures. According to the models, they display bright colors or on the contrary, more sober tones. An object with a strong identity, which brings a friendly touch and warms your cocoon immediately.

2 – Ceramic tableware

Just mention the word “ceramics” and the Big Blue and its surroundings come to mind. This material, made from terracotta, is used in the art of the table and is embellished with warm or bluish colors. A typically oriental tableware, enhanced with bucolic and poetic motifs. Immediate boarding towards the medina…

3 – Objects made of raffia

A key material in Moroccan souks, raffia is a vegetable fiber made from long palm leaves. Very trendy, it composes a multitude of objects, from baskets to mirrors through suspensions. By inserting it in small touches in your interior, you will create a bohemian and relaxed atmosphere.

4 – The zellige effect tile

Obtained from clay, zellige is a wall covering of Moroccan origin. It is characterized by squares of about 2 cm thick and pearly shades that reflect the light. An alternative to traditional tiles, it is ideal for bathrooms and kitchen credenzas. Our favorite shades? Emerald green, turquoise blue, and iridescent pink.

5 – Terracotta vases

To dress up a lost corner or shelves, choose terracotta vases mixing original colors and generous shapes. They will embellish your spaces, inside and outside. A decorative inspiration which comes from the gardens of the Mediterranean basin, where huge terracotta jars line the ground.