Whether you’re living in a shared dorm or your childhood bedroom, at Seventeen, we believe you can make any space stylish, all while on a budget. That’s why we polled you, our readers, on the biggest decorating hurdles you face whatever your situation. Then, we partnered with House Beautiful to tap some of their favorite designers to advise. In this installment: The childhood bedroom.

If you’ve ever looked at your bedroom and felt like you were growing up, but the space wasn’t evolving with you, you’ve come to the right place. It is very possible that the pink nightstand you loved when you were five is not doing it for you at 15. It’s also likely that the concert poster on your ceiling is starting to feel less cool and a bit more more like clutter. There’s hope, though! We spoke to design experts for their best advice on upgrading your childhood bedroom and their ideas were, like, really good.

Paint your current furniture for a budget-friendly update.

“If you are tired of the furniture you have had in your bedroom forever I would recommend giving it a fresh coat of paint,” says interior designer Jenny Brown of Jenny Brown Designs. The designer says she did this recently with a pair of vintage nightstands, and now they look like new. “If your furniture is brown wood, paint it a glossy white,” Jenny suggests. A way to refresh your room without having to order anything online? We can’t help but to stan.

bedroom updates

Jenny recently painted this vintage nightstand white.

Jenny Brown

Hunt down an estate sale for vintage furniture and lighting.

“A cool old lamp with a new white paper lampshade can make a big statement,” explains Jenny. This is a sustainable option, and likely a better alternative to ordering something more expensive that was mass-produced. Check out vintage sites like Depop or Poshkmark for some unique finds.

Add functional items alongside your keepsakes.

“It’s all about the mix,” says MA Allen of MA Allen Interiors. “Allow the styling to tell your story as well as inspire where you want to go next,” she says. To achieve this, MA suggests balancing your decor with old and new. “Consider framing cute shoes or sentimental fabrics in a shadow box style, or creating a collected gallery wall that is unique to you,” she says.

Frame your art or pictures instead of taping them.

As much as I’m an absolute sucker for a concert poster, I can’t stand the look of tape on my walls. To work these favorite memories into a bedroom design, MA suggests framing them. “Having items thoughtfully framed and displayed gives an air of sophistication. It also offers an opportunity to blend unique pieces together in an organized and intentional way,” she says.

If you have other momentos you want to show off, Jenny suggests a large bulletin board. “Use this for photographs, ticket stubs, and other mementos that might be cluttering your drawers,” she suggests.

ma allen

Eliminate clutter by donating old items or creating a memory box.

Raise your hand if you have what feels like one million birthday cards from friends and craft projects that you don’t know what to do with. *Raises hand.* For this, Jenny suggests making a memory box for what you don’t want to part with, and donate anything else. “Donate books you have read to your school or local library to make space for new ones, same goes for clothes you aren’t wearing anymore,” she says.

Jenny finds that decluttering is the most efficient way to upgrade your space for practically nothing. She says when she was growing up, she decided to put all of her memorabilia away. “I cleared off my dresser and stores makeup and jewelry in the top drawer so it looked neat and clean,” she says. From there, she bought new sheets and a comforter to replace the one she had used as a little girl, and added a few small houseplants to her room. “I didn’t even change the furniture or the lighting, but the clean-out was transformative and gave me room to start fresh without spending a fortune,” Jenny says.

Update your bedding.

Like Jenny did, swap out your old bedding from the second grade for a quick and easy refresh. You can find some incredible duvet covers and comforters for under $50, which will go a long way. If you need to brighten up the space, go for something colorful. If you’re working with the lime green walls you loved a few years back, go for something more subtle.

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