Halloween has come and gone. With November just beginning and a new holiday coming up in just a few short weeks, it’s time to pack up your Halloween decorations. However, there may be a way to repurpose some of your Halloween decorations for Thanksgiving and fall usage.

Here are eight ways to recycle some Halloween decorations for the upcoming holiday.

  • If you chose to decorate with those miniature pumpkins at the store or in bins at a local pumpkin producer, these can be repurposed with fall-colored paints, by using them in an indoor display with grasses, leaves, pine cones or other fall decor or they can be scooped out to be used as little votive holders for your Thanksgiving table display. Leftover real or faux miniature candles from jack-o’-lanterns can also be repurposed inside your new votive holder.

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All that’s needed to showcase your home this fall is imagination, decor inspiration and a few friends. Sandra Cunningham Getty Images

  • For larger unused pumpkins, if they are still firm, they can be used outdoors for fall decor on their own or with other gourds to create a fall-festive scene. In addition, they can be brought indoors with their natural look, or they may be painted to fit your room’s aesthetic or with autumn colors in mind.

  • Do you have any still-firm, decorative pumpkins that haven’t spoiled yet? Instead of throwing them out or feeding them to local wildlife, try turning them into a pumpkin pie to kick off the holiday season and get your friends and family into the Thanksgiving spirit.


  • After scooping out the pumpkin “guts” for your pie or to make a puree for any fall recipe, you can also use the leftover seeds. Do this by rinsing away the remaining pumpkin residue and baking them on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for 35-45 minutes until browned. While the oven is preheating, season the seeds with olive oil and salt. While baking, check and stir the seeds around on the tray every 10 minutes. The finished product will make a perfect and healthy seasonal snack.

  • For anyone who owns holiday wreaths or swags, if the themed decorations within them are not glued in, try switching out your spooky accents for fall foliage and Thanksgiving accents. This creates a versatile holiday wreath or swag that can be used for any occasion and helps to save money and storage space in the process rather than having a separate wreath for every holiday. Try using dried leaves and pine cones to get started.

  • If your candy dish isn’t really a witch’s cauldron and may be used generally within your home, try reusing any non-spooky candy dishes for caramel candies, Thanksgiving treats or candies everyone will enjoy during the next family get-together.

  • If you used hay bales to help create haunted Halloween scenery at your home, they can be repurposed for the remainder for the autumn season for outdoor fall displays. Try pairing them with scarecrows, pumpkins, dried grasses and gourds to create your fall-themed outdoor decoration.

Fall decorations are seen throughout Gautier and Moss Point as people make their the way to fall festivals, hayrides, pumpkin patches and trunk or treat. Some of the traditional events are canceled this year but many will still happen despite the coronavirus. Tim Isbell Sun Herald file

  • Spooky candelabras and other candle holders can still be used as accents for your transformed Thanksgiving decor. Regardless of the color, try switching out your Halloween candles for red, orange and/or yellow candles. In addition, you can pair your new decorative items with small pumpkins, gourds, leaves or cornucopia for a fall-centered decoration or centerpiece.

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