Scientists and psychologists have studied the effect that colors have on the mind for years and have discovered that having certain colors in a person’s vicinity may affect their emotions. Having certain colors abundant in one’s living space can lead to either positive or negative emotions. Here is your beginner’s guide to understanding what emotions different colors can evoke and how you can integrate them into your dorm room or living space this semester.  


When it comes to red, studies suggest you may want to use it in short supply. Red represents intensity, and studies show that having an abundance of the color red in a room can lead to increased blood pressure and an elevated heart rate. Keep the use of red to a minimum, such as having a red blanket or lamp, which signifies warmth and comfort, an ideal dorm room feel. 


Orange is known to be an energetic and excitable color. It has been known to suggest productivity and lead to increased work ethic. The best place to incorporate the color orange in your dorm room would be around any desk or wherever you like to complete coursework. Having orange organizers, desk supplies or even orange-centric posters around your desk can lead to increased activity and stimulate your brain during those all-nighter’s. 


Most people associate yellow with happiness, and they are correct. Yellow is known by psychologists as the color that communicates happiness and joyfulness. Having yellow curtains or a tapestry on your wall can evoke cheeriness and is the perfect pick-me-up to start each day with a smile. However, research shows sticking to the lighter tones of yellow evoke these emotions more than the brighter or more golden yellow shades. Having too much yellow in your dorm room has been shown to lead to hunger and is something used by fast food corporations in their designs to convince someone that they’re hungry. 

Green and Blue 

Green and blue symbolize calmness and health. Having shades of green and blue sprinkled throughout your dorm room can act as a stress reliever and is known to lower blood pressure. Some green items that you can include in your dorm room are plants and plant accessories. Green and blue items you can include in your decoration are blankets, tapestries and other items that make you feel at ease. 


Having purple in your dorm room can lead to a variety of emotions. When you incorporate lighter shades of purple, a sense of relaxation can be felt. Try using lilac and lavender throughout your dorm room with a bedspread, pillows or blankets. Having darker shades of purple invokes a sense of creativity and stimulation. Try incorporating these shades in your work or study space. 

There is a plethora of ways to incorporate color into your living space. Try playing with new colors this semester to create a dorm that is the perfect environment for the school year. You can find more information online at Art Therapy Blog or MyMove 

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