Blake Lively’s Bedroom Confirms The Organic Modern Decor Trend Is Still Going Strong

Like many others, Blake Lively indulged her legions of fans with a farewell to 2023 on Instagram that included a quick throwback of arguably her most glamorous fashion moment of the year, courtesy of Michael Kors. And while the sparkling gold jumpsuit, statement jewelry, and glittering rust-colored mani she wore to the designers Spring/Summer 2024 runway show captured the attention of most, it was the bedroom backdrop that caught the eye of decor lovers. Yes, the first shot of the seven-slide carousel post displayed the rustic, earthy bedroom shared by Lively and her husband Ryan Reynolds. And even in it’s slightly messy, lived-in state (the bed is noticeably unmade), the space is the epitome of rustic elegance.

Yes, behind Lively, the couple’s Tribeca loft is in full view, complete with floor-to-ceiling wood paneling, an open, airy floor plan, and coordinating decor and furniture for an almost monochromatic vibe. With no doors in sight, the attached bathroom is revealed with a sleek marble bathtub and a rich chocolate-brown area rug that break up the tan and camel color scheme. In the bedroom, Lively’s dark gray upholstered bed blends nicely with the slate floor covering layered underneath. Adding some color is the olive green linen duvet that we can confirm is from luxe bedding company The Citizenry.


Now, this is not the first time Lively or Reynolds have shown us glimpses of their NYC abode (which stars like Meg Ryan, Justin Timberlake, and Jennifer Lawrence also call home). In past social media posts, both stars have shown various rooms in the airy space, all of which align with the earthy, rustic scheme of the bedroom. Touches of elegance and luxury break up the mostly-wood rooms via an extravagant chandelier or velvet couch.


Lively has been open about her love for home decor and art, even declaring she “moonlights as an interior designer” in her most recent Dec 31 IG post. Back in 2018, the actor stated on social media that she likes to “design my friends’ homes. For free. Of all the bad decisions I’ve made, this may be the most fun.”

If you, too, want to get in on the fun and channel Lively’s rustic modern home, we suggest starting with your bedroom. Try working in some earthy bedding or a minimalist neutral bed frame — and see where the journey takes you. Shop our Lively-inspired picks below to hit the ground running.