Creating a Cat-Friendly Home: Design Ideas and Security

Cat-Friendly Home Designs and Security Solutions

Having a cat as a pet at home requires the owner to pay attention to cat-friendly designs for their comfort and safety. Custom Home Group provides six cat-friendly home design ideas that can be easily applied to create an ideal environment for pet cats. One of the main ideas is to provide a play area in the backyard that can be grassy or not, as long as it’s safe for cats. This area can also be used as a relaxation or exercise spot for the owner. To add aesthetics, it is recommended to plant various types of plants and outdoor decoration ornaments.

The Concept of ‘Catio’

Creating a ‘catio’, an outdoor cage on the house terrace, allows cats to enjoy the surrounding nature without feeling confined. The cage should be large enough for the cat to move comfortably around. Cat safety is also taken into account by installing a fence that surrounds the home yard, which not only protects cats from wild animals but also maintains privacy.

Interior Considerations for Feline Companions

For cats living indoors, it’s important to ensure there are enough windows for natural light to enter, making the house feel warm and bright.

Introducing the IT Smart Magnetic Outdoor Battery Camera W02

The IT Smart Magnetic Outdoor Battery Camera W02 is an outdoor camera designed to assist homeowners in monitoring their property’s security. The camera features a magnetic design that allows for cable-free installation, enabling users to easily set it up outside the house. It is equipped with AI human detection, long-lasting battery, and infrared sensor to record videos in low light conditions. Additionally, it features playback to capture moments when movement is detected. Users can control the camera via the IT Smart app, and also engage in two-way communication through the camera’s installed microphone. This camera is especially suitable for homeowners who want to ensure their property’s security, including the safety of their pet cats.