Dakota Johnson’s ‘ugly’ kitchen cabinet color will be the trend of 2024 |

Shades of pea green, beige and brown are rarely the go-to paint colors of choice for homeowners, but interior design firm Pierce and Ward, who coined the term ‘ugly colors’, say every home needs a dose of muddier hues to make their space sing. American actress Dakota Johnson’s kitchen proves that these so-called ‘ugly colors’ are actually quite nice – you just have to know how to use them. In fact, many of these colors are often found in nature, which might explain why we, albeit secretly, love them so much. Most interior designers agree that, when in search of ideas for kitchen cabinet colors, it pays to look outside. Nature is always a good source of inspiration for your room color ideas.  

‘When the world is in turmoil, what better color to comfort us than the protective feeling of green?’ asks Farrow & Ball color curator Joa Studholme. Many of us spend most of our time in the kitchen, so we are now embracing the use of muddy green on kitchen cabinets to evoke a feeling of nourishing nostalgia,’ she says.