Fanttik Unveils Exciting Lineup of Laser Level Tools for Enhanced Home Improvement with the D2 Plus and D12 Plus

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HOUSTON — In the heart of a bustling home renovation or DIY project, where every measurement and alignment matters, Fanttik steps in with multiple game-changing solutions. Fanttik, the premiere multiple international award-winning brand in innovative tools, is thrilled to unveil its latest series of laser level tools set to launch this December, featuring the D2 Plus and the D12 Plus models. With a commitment to transforming the home improvement landscape, Fanttik aims to provide consumers with a more efficient and precision-driven experience.

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Fanttik D2 Plus Laser Level: Amidst the hum of power tools and the scent of fresh paint, the D2 Plus emerges as the beacon of precision. When someone is installing a TV mount, setting up a photo frame, hanging wallpaper, or crafting the perfect furniture assembly, the D2 Plus is the ideal companion. It stands out in the lineup, offering unmatched clarity through advanced green diode technology, providing an ultra-bright laser twice as bright as conventional red lasers. From carpentry to furniture assembly, everything is fair game. The laser boasts a 100-foot indoor range, extendable to 200 feet in outdoor pulse mod. Driven by a potent 2600mAh battery, it offers exceptional operational longevity, delivering an outstanding 7 hours of continuous use on a single full charge. The high-capacity lithium battery can be recharged up to 500+ times, saving money and contributing to environmental sustainability. Furthermore, it is encased in TPR soft rubber and boasts an IP54 rating, making it waterproof and dustproof, capable of easily withstanding shocks. This robust design ensures durability and protection for any worksite, eliminating concerns about accidental drops and providing peace of mind to users. Fanttik’s D2 Plus is poised to revolutionize home improvement with its unmatched precision, extended battery life, and worksite durability.

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Fanttik D12 Plus Line Level: Next comes the formidable D12 Plus Line Level. The D12 Plus takes precision to the next level with OSRAM green laser technology, illuminating twofold of its red counterpart. Offering one horizontal and two 360° vertical planes, it spans floors and walls with unparalleled accuracy. The dual vertical 90° cross lines empower users to efficiently execute square layouts, enhancing project efficiency and precision. Driven by a powerful 5200mAh battery, the D12 Plus ensures enduring performance, supporting in-field charging and uninterrupted productivity. The remarkable triple 360° green laser plane effortlessly creates one, two, or three planes to optimize work efficiency, even in intricate scenarios. The rugged build, including a TPR soft rubber covering with an IP54 rating, guarantees waterproof, dustproof, and shock-resistant durability, eliminating concerns about accidental drops. Fanttik’s D12 Plus is set to be a game-changer, offering unmatched precision, convenience, and durability for a seamless home improvement experience.

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In the wake of the launch of Fanttik’s D2 laser level in October, it has already garnered attention for its compact and lightweight design, ensuring ease of use and unmatched convenience, signifying Fanttik’s excellence in the domain. Additionally, Fanttik’s laser level series has received recognition at the prestigious 2023 IF Awards, solidifying the brand’s commitment to excellence. Looking ahead, Fanttik is poised to launch more home improvement products next spring. The brand remains dedicated to enhancing the living experience for consumers and improving building and office experiences for all.

About Fanttik

Fanttik is a youthful, dynamic brand dedicated to outdoor, home improvement, sports, and automotive products that cater to every need for the perfect adventure. In a short span of time, it has garnered extreme acclaim from enthusiasts, social media influencers, digital media, and consumers. It has earned the internationally revered Red Dot Design Award multiple times, along with the prestigious IF Design Award. It has been honored to have sponsored and collaborated with NASCAR numerous times. Its products have been reviewed by a myriad of esteemed YouTubers, such as Donut Media, Samcrac, and Silver Cymbal, to name a few. Its inflator models won the revered SEMA Global Media Awards 2022 and SEMA Best Tire and Related Product Award 2023 in Las Vegas, NV. Fanttik also sponsored and collaborated with NASCAR Xfinity Series’ Kyle Weatherman four times, with one being the exclusive partner. Fostering the motto “We explore, we innovate, and we make it happen,” Fanttik has brought trailblazing experiences in the automotive arena to the most diverse audience.

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