the house i currently live in has a SERIOUS lighting problem. it’s almost like the lights were an afterthought. “hey, shouldn’t we add lights?” “nah, who cares?” HOW ABOUT THE TENANTS?
okay, sorry for going off on a tangent.
anyway, there are 5 bedrooms: the master’s, my room, the guest bedroom, my brother’s bedroom, and the downstairs bedroom (complete with bathroom and closet).
all the upstairs rooms EXCEPT the master’s bedroom have NO lights. yes, they have a light switch, but NO lights. i don’t remember about the downstairs bedroom but i think it doesn’t have lights OR a light switch.
oh, but the master’s bedroom HAS to have lights, right? so they install a fan, one with the lights. their bathroom has lights, so does their closet.
and the downstairs bathroom has perfectly functioning lights too. but not the upstairs bathroom, which is shared by THREE ROOMS (good thing we rarely have guests stay over). THREE ROOMS! and of course, the lights have to be all flickery, so you nearly go BLIND while simply brushing your teeth!
and don’t get me started on the laundry room. the light flickers SOOOOOOOO much when it turns on, but it turns off PERFECTLY FINE!
and thank you for actually reading this as i imagine it is very long.
(p.s. i make everything lowercase on purpose. it’s easier and it’s easy to pass off as “aesthetic”)



I grew up in a house where the only way upstairs was through the living room. Right between the couch and TV. Very annoying đŸ˜ƒ My dad built the house. Originally he wanted to have a fireplace where the TV is now, but it just never happened. The house was built in the 80s and all my parents had was a mini TV that fit into a small cabinet. Now with the huge LCD ones, it’s worse.


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