Home Purchases You’ll Regret, According to Interior Designers

Viscose may not be the best material for a rug.

red x over blue patterned viscose rug on a floor with furniture on top in the corner

Viscose is a semi-synthetic material that’s often used as an alternative to silk.
Design gallery01/Shutterstock

According to Joe Human, interior designer of Designs By Human, you might want to steer clear of viscose rugs.

“Viscose rugs are super soft and have a lovely sheen but are very easily ruined when used in the wrong application,” he said.

There might be a safe spot for the material in a low-traffic bedroom, but light-colored viscose rugs in a living room are a recipe for disaster. 

“Any spill will turn them yellow,” the designer added. “Instead, splurge for a real wool rug or, if you can, silk.”