How to create a balanced living room layout using vintage furniture, according to the pros |

Finding the perfect place for all your living room furniture and decorative accessories is easier said than done, and the process can take quite some time. If you’re still stuck after several shuffles, you’re far from alone – getting the arrangement right takes a discerning eye and lots of patience. And when you’re working with vintage or antique furniture pieces – which often feature nontraditional sizes, shapes, and finishes – can feel like an added hurdle.

Luckily, Joe McGuier and Megan Prime – co-founders and principal designers of JAM, a Brooklyn-based architecture and design studio – know the ins and outs of styling vintage furniture. In fact, they source and decorate with unique pieces on the regular, stocking them at JAM Shop – their vintage furniture, lighting and decor storefront.

And though vintage furniture can pose added challenges when designing your home, Joe and Megan say that these well-loved pieces often lead to the best, most balanced living room layouts. These are their top tips for arranging a cohesive, stylish living room that features vintage pieces – and the design possibilities are truly endless.

A living room with a statement gold light fixture, wavy wooden coffee table and dark gray velvet couch

(Image credit: Gieves Anderson / JAM)

Though every living room layout is different, and necessarily so, there are a few key elements to keep in mind. Adding in all the artwork, accessories, and personal touches is a vital part of the process (and will make for a home that feels like you), but starting with a solid foundation is essential.