Baking cakes, cookies, muffins, brownies and more can be so therapeutic. Do you know why? Psychologists suggest that baking can even be used as a form of sensory therapy, or a part of other therapy procedures! This is because baking brings your consciousness to the present, and stimulates all 5 senses. Having full control and a sense of purpose significantly improves focus, helps build attention span and, don’t forget the delicious treat at the end of it! 

If you have always been fascinated and wanted to start your own baking journey, here are some essential tools you must buy before you begin. These will give you a headstart, keep you excited and make you well prepared to bake anything you like!

1. VR Plastic Measuring Spoon and Cup Set – 8 pcs

Baking is all about precision – one ingredient even slightly more or less can completely ruin your recipe! Hence, having all sizes and capacities of measuring spoons and cups handy will ensure you make the best baked goodies!

₹ 89.00 – Buy Now.

2. Clazkit Silicone Spatula and Brush Set

You will need brushes to glaze the moulds and a spatula or scraper to get the batter off of the mixing bowl. This is why investing in silicone brushes and spatula is a must – it ensures no wastage of ingredients, gives a clean finish and are even easy to clean!

₹ 194.00 – Buy Now.

3. Shuffle Handicrafts Wooden Spoon

This wooden spoon with its long handle will prove to be more useful than you think. Wooden spoons are way more durable and sturdy enough to stir the thickest of batters, and even help knead dough!

₹ 75.00 – Buy Now.

4. Giffy Cotton Oven Gloves 

Protective mitts are a must before you handle anything hot and get around to using the oven. These gloves are made of 3.5 layers of 100 percent cotton for extra heat resistance as well as being ultra soft on your hands, with the quilted upper layer providing a good grip on utensils. 

₹ 234.00 – Buy Now.

5. Pixel Home Cotton Apron

We know how messy baking can be – with all the flour flying around, eggs being whipped and thick batter being stirred, the chaos is inevitable. This is why you should wear an apron to protect your clothes from all the mess! 

₹ 199.00 – Buy Now.

6. Xacton Plastic Decoration Tools Combo

Doesn’t cake decoration look so fancy, with all the special little tools professional chefs use? Now you can have it all as well, for an incredibly affordable price! This combo includes everything you would need to make a masterpiece on your cake with ease – a turning table, 2 icing knives, 3 scrapers, a silicone icing bag and a 12 piece nozzle set!

₹ 499.00 – Buy Now.

7. AmazonBasics 25 Biscuit Cutters Set

Cutting out the shapes from rolled dough is the most fun part of making cookies, second only to the part where you get to eat them of course! Get these biscuit cutter in 25 fabulous shapes to make the most creative cookies!

₹ 599.00 – Buy Now.

8. Carty Teflon Coated Cake Moulds

Needless to say, you cannot make a cake without a good mould, and these come in 3 different shapes to suit your needs! The teflon coating also makes it non-stick and its detachable base helps in easy transportation, decoration and serving of the baked goodies!

₹ 699.00 – Buy Now.

9. DarkPyro Silicone Muffin/Cupcake/Jelly moulds – 12 pcs

These are made of food-grade silicone which makes it safe to use for baking the perfect little muffins, cupcakes or even making jelly! Their material helps the baked goods come out easily, leaving no residues and zero wastage!

₹ 149.00 – Buy Now.