Mob Wife Wannabe Transforms Brooklyn Home With Gaudy Decor
mob boss, gaudy, Brooklyn

As I was looking for something to write about I came across what can only be described as the most gaudy decor ever put into a house. Truly, it is glorious. I showed the listing to a friend and she said it looked like the kind of home a mob wife would own. 

Being a huge fan of the movie The Godfather, I begged to differ. The style and decor of the house is that of a wannabe mob wife. They went with what they thought a mob wife would put in their home as opposed to something tasteful. Yea, I went there. Wait until you see this.

Just for some background, the house was completely remodeled in 2014. So everything you see was a choice made by the wannabe mob wife. This mafiosa’s dream home has lots of gold trim, lots of arches, lots of provincial furniture that also happens to be, that is right, gold.

One could say it is an Italianesque masterpiece. I would not say that in a million years but someone could.

mob boss, gaudy, Brooklyn

This five-bedroom, five-bathroom home is located at 208 Mayfair Drive North, Brooklyn, New York. A little more than 5,900 square feet, the wannabe mob wife is asking $2.399 million. 

Let us take a look inside, shall we?

mob boss, gaudy, Brooklyn

Ah the family dining room where the matriarch serves dinner to the family. The gold tablecloth really pulls the dining room together, dontcha think? It almost seems like there is a gold glow throughout the house.

mob boss, gaudy, Brooklyn

Aside from the faux fur footstools that you can never put your feet on because, you know, the faux fur is white, why didn’t they paint the water pipe to the fire suppression system gold so it would match the ceiling?

But wait, it gets better.

mob boss, gaudy, Brooklyn

There is a lot to take in here but what I find most amazing is the fact that the gold archway is a mirror. I guess she felt the need to enhance the gold provincial furniture by reflecting it from one side of the room to the other. Oh marone!

mob boss, gaudy, Brooklyn

No doubt that you will come out of that bathroom with a Tuscany tan. Come on, that’s funny!

Perhaps there is one mob boss who would appreciate this house.

For more photos go here. If not, fuhgettaboutit!