Predicting Your Bedroom Decor Based On Your Favorite Skateland Song

Skateland, everyone’s favorite bedroom pop sensation, is making waves with the groovy track ‘Autobahn!’ We’re absolutely loving the bedroom pop scene. If you didn’t know, it’s where talented young artists kickstart their careers from their homes, often with little resources but big dreams. At THP, we’re all about supporting and discovering bedroom pop artists; it’s also so inspiring to follow their journeys. To introduce Skateland and celebrate his new single, we’re predicting your bedroom decor based on your favorite Skateland track.


Skateland’s latest single, ‘Autobahn!,’ truly takes us on a roller coaster that explores the hills of relationships. The song perfectly captures the unique blend of melancholy lyrics with a pop-infused, new sound essential to his songs. It’s like nostalgia meeting the present in a way that’s hard to put into words. But trust us, with one listen, you’ll know exactly what we mean.

Your bedroom decor: considering lyrics like “I like you, I hate you,” we’re picturing your space as a blend of aesthetics, just like the blend of emotions in this song. Who says you have to stick to one theme, right? It’s giving cool plant mom meets vintage collector meets film buff.


We need a moment to gush over the dreamy vibes of this song by Skateland. ‘POSTCARDS!’ is a song we could talk about all day for various reasons. Not just because of the relatable lyrics that explore the comparison side effects that come with social media. But also, the sound feels like a breeze of multiple melodies which are all hazy but extremely calming.

Your bedroom decor: Your room is your ultimate safe space. We’re sensing that it’s filled with warm colors and decorated with pictures of your friends and family. Basically, your room is a reminder of the good times and the good people you have in your life. When life gets a bit too much, stepping into your room is like entering your own cozy world. Oh, and the big light is never on! A strict fairy lights and side lamps zone to bring in those warm tones.

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The rise of bedroom pop is something you definitely need to know about, and Skateland is the perfect artist to start your discoveries. How much did you love ‘Autobahn!?’ Let us know what room decor you think the vibes of the song give off in the comments or tweet us @thehoneypop! You can also chat all things music with us on Facebook and Instagram.