Striking Limewash Walls Transformed This Mexico City Apartment

She knew that adding warmth to her new home had to happen at a foundational level, like limewashing accent walls to age the space and give it character. Once she had her backdrop, she designed several large curved furniture pieces with local carpenters, like the coffee and dining tables in the living room, to add dimension through curves. She added decorative wooden doors she’d found at La Lagunilla Market and continued to incorporate natural textures, like reclaimed woods, raffia, and clay, focusing on terra-cotta tones to achieve the sense of warmth that the original structure lacked.

“I think the state of your room reflects the state of your mind. I wanted to keep mine decluttered and bright,” Natalie explains. “I used a light yellow limewash for the accent wall. I converted pots I’d found at La Lagunilla Market into nightstands. I drew my bed frame, bought rattan from eBay, and collaborated with a local carpenter to build it. But the highlight of my bedroom is the lush garden right outside. It feels very much like an indoor-outdoor space.”

Moving around so much, Natalie has always felt attached to objects, as they provide a sense of grounding amid transitions. She filled her space with vintage treasures collected throughout her life’s travels, serving as a reflection of the places she’s been. Flanked throughout the space, there’s an instrument from a budding musician she met in Ethiopia, a poster from Thailand her brother gifted her on her 25th birthday, a collection of design books from her time at Parsons, and a selection of items inspired by her favorite hotels around the world—from Grana BNB in Oaxaca to Calá & Divino in Trancoso. Having traveled to 54 countries, Natalie feels these special items are a physical manifestation of her memories. Put together, they help tell the story of her life up until this very moment. 

A defining feature of the apartment is the stairway that leads to the main bedroom and roof garden. The wall was painted in a terra-cotta limewash, and accented with a work by Cuerpo Celeste from JO-HS.