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Can you believe soup season is already here? Well, really, anything that’ll warm your belly and soul is what’s considered fall food and desserts in the South—including beef chili and, of course, hot apple pie. And the kitchen must-have that can cook and bake all your fall goodies is definitely the Lodge Cast Iron Dutch Oven. The best-selling cookware can make it all to perfection, and you can get it for up to 41 percent off on Amazon right now ahead of Labor Day weekend

Cooking up chicken pot pie for the big football game or making hearty pot roast is easy and delicious with the Lodge Dutch oven by your side. The large, 6-quart capacity is perfect for soupy dishes as well as one-pot dinners. The versatile Dutch oven can do everything, including sauteing veggies and making fried chicken on the stove, as well as broil or roast chicken and turkey in the oven. And it doesn’t stop there: It can even be used to make dessert from cakes to cobblers to sweet breads. Yum!

The cast iron enameled Dutch oven is ideal for cooking or baking up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, so we’re thinking you won’t ever put it away. It delivers even heat distribution, which ensures that your meals are cooked perfectly and taste chef-worthy every night. Even shoppers confirm they haven’t experienced hot spots or cold centers while cooking. It’s such a staple that one person admits they “use it weekly.” 

You’ll also love that this “workhorse” has a stainless steel knob on the top as well as loop handles that make it easy to grip as you move it from the stove into the oven or right on to your dinner table for serving. 

The “beautiful and well-made” cast iron Dutch oven has a beige enamel cooking surface with a glass finish that gives it a smooth texture and makes it easy to clean—so much easier than traditional cast iron cookware. The enamel is also resistant to stains and odors, according to shoppers, and it’s built to resist chips. 

Not only are these Dutch ovens durable, but they’re so elegant-looking too. Think of it as a decorative piece right on your stovetop. They are available in vibrant colors like blue, sage, lilac, pumpkin, and more. 

The Lodge Cast Iron Dutch Oven is the number one Amazon best-seller to date with nearly 24,000 five-star ratings from shoppers who are obsessed with it. People even say this is so worth it,  even saying “bye Le Creuset.”

“I was looking for a good Le Creuset alternative, and I’m very, very happy with this purchase,” writes one Amazon shopper. “With Le Creuset, sure, it’s nice, but you’re spending hundreds of dollars more for a brand… This Dutch oven does exactly the same thing. I’ve tried a bunch of different recipes in this pot and it all came out perfectly. Heavy, durable pot, gorgeous colors. Highly recommend.”

“I’ve had this Dutch oven for a dozen years so far, used it at least weekly; baked with it, fried with it, made soup and casserole and curry and every other thing with it, and never once had a problem,” writes another. “It’s [as] durable as a tank and [as] versatile as Meryl Streep. If I was forced to have only one pan in my kitchen and give up all the others, this would be the one I’d keep.”

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