This is the one Instance you Should use red in a Bedroom

Over the last few years, it has been increasingly trendy to introduce colored lighting to your living space. Be it colored bulbs for your main light fixtures or hidden LED strips behind televisions and frames, lighting has played a key role in dressing up rooms. Thanks to this trend, a room with minimal decor can appear to be fully decorated with just the hit of a switch.

Up until now, we’ve considered this to be a trend that elevates a room’s cool factor but we recently found out that a particular warm hue of light can actually support your sleep cycle, especially when used in the bedroom. After a long day of work, it’s always nice to have a deeply relaxing wind-down. Perhaps this means concocting TikTok’s tart cherry mocktail or drinking a cup of tea while preparing your space for bedtime. Well, maybe this colored lighting is just what your room is missing.