There’s a company in Tokyo called Girls Chintai. Chintai means “rental” in Japanese, so you might think that Girls Chintai is an escort service, but chintai here is referring to apartments, and Girls Chintai is a real estate agency.

So why “Girls?” Because Girls Chintai’s staff is made up of fashionable young ladies, who accompany clients on their visits to apartments they’re thinking about renting while creating a “date-like atmosphere.”

▼ Riri Sakino, one of Girls Chintai’s agents

Photo: PR Times

The company’s website asks:

Have you ever had these kinds of problems?

● “I wish the person showing me apartments were a beautiful woman.”

● “On my day off, I want to look for an apartment, but I also want to go on a date.”

● “I don’t know what sort of apartment women want a guy to have.”

In keeping with that third point, Girls Chintai seems to focus on smaller apartments, of the size a working adult might be living alone in, but also having a romantic partner come over, and possibly spend the night, if and when he finds one. However, the company says that it welcomes both male and female customers.

In Japan, it’s common in Japan to have a real estate agent guiding you around on apartment tours. Japanese landlords generally don’t handle leasing themselves, and instead register their property with one or more agencies. So when you’re looking for a new apartment to move into, you start by looking through an agency’s listings, pick out a few that look appealing, and then go with the agent to visit the apartments before making a decision.

Girls Chintai’s “beautiful young women” angle is unique, though, but it’s appealing enough to keep them in business for close to two years now. In addition to Tokyo, they also handle apartments in the neighboring prefectures of Kanagawa, Saitama, and Chiba.

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Source: Girls Chintai via Otakomu

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