West Bank real estate, protests at Canadian synagogue
Front Burner

The voices of protesters facing off outside a Thornhill, Ontario synagogue as a real estate event inside advertised property in the occupied West Bank.

People protest on different parts of the street waving Palestine and Israel flags. Multiple signs are held, including a main one that says "END THE OCCUPATION NO PEACE ON STOLEN LAND!"
Pro-Palestine protesters wave flags facing a pro-Israel demonstration in front of a synagogue hosting the “great Israeli Real Estate Event,” in Thornhill, Ont., Thursday, March 7, 2024. (Frank Gunn/The Canadian Press)

Front Burner36:12West Bank real estate, protests at Canadian synagogue

Ahead of its event at a Thornhill, Ontario synagogue, the “great Israeli Real Estate Event” seemed to list settlements in the occupied West Bank on its website – settlements which the UN and Canada consider a violation of international law. 

On March 7th, Front Burner’s team made their way into the event and confirmed the marketing of West Bank real estate.

So how did some real estate enterprises discuss properties in the West Bank? How did protesters outside the synagogue react? And what can their face off outside a synagogue tell us about how the conflicts in Gaza and the West Bank are reverberating in Canada? 

Front Burner host Jayme Poisson explains. 

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